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Digital Trends for 2016

Its that time of year again where we all take a punt on what we think will be hot in 2016 and then quickly forget to revisit them at any point the following here

So, here goes, my top tips for 2016

1. Programmatic
Such an obvious one but we will see a staggering increase in paid digital media being bought by biddable. Largely driven by a desire to drive down the CPC/CPM of existing digital media budget and woefully short when it comes to using programmatic as we at Pulse look at it; to tailor messaging, creative and content to individual users.

2. The king lives on
Content is and will continue to be king but we will see a distinct change around the way it is stored and distributed. Think of DAM's, CMS' linking directing to the platforms they are serving the content on, be it through media, owned or earned properties.

3. DAM's will become sexy.
Now we all have stacks of content, we will need to get much smarter around how and where we store this content and assets and. most importantly, who accesses them. Currently the vast majority of organisations do a poor job at this which reduces usage and slows down time to market. DAM's will develop into a critical part of the organisation with big players reporting savings running into the millions and also a marked improvement in the ROI of those assets.

4. Data data data everywhere and yet very few are putting it to good use.
This trend has been around for a couple of years and whilst we see pockets of excellence the barriers to entry have traditionally too high. We will see companies utilising the technology and learnings from Programmatic and their DMP's the start to get smarter about using more and more data to make decisions and drive better value.

5. eDetails / CLM Content
More content, more features, more engaging functionality. We already help a large number of healthcare clients with their edetail programmes and can expectations increase through this partnership. Expect to see pressure on a move away from volume of content, to context of delivery, including channel.

6. Animations and other forms of content will become much more mainstream
As an industry we've all worked hard to develop enough content to fill the insatiable demand from consumers, HCP's and patients. In 2016, as marketers realise they need to develop content specific to the individual customer and channel of their choosing, we expect to briefs tailored towards individual channels. Quite simply how do you activate that big idea and get that message across making the most of the channel's unique properties and benefits.

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